How to End Poverty Video

This American video by the website, explains land monoploy. Their slogan is "To liberate production from taxation, the Earth from monopoly, and humanity from poverty."

15 Sep 2012

Extraordinary video from the FT, showing only 19% of central London home sales going to British buyers.

London property porn The FT "With one house in central London on sale for £300m, London prime property appears to be a bubble fit to burst. This is also socially divisive as house prices in much of the rest of London are falling. Ed Hammond, property correspondent, explains to Long View columnist John Authers where the demand is coming from. (4m 57sec)"

21 Sep 2012

The Independent: Nick Clegg's conference speech: 'Tax Wealth, Not Work' should have been the slogan

The Independent: Nick Clegg's conference speech: 'Tax Wealth, Not Work' should have been the slogan, but it should be "Tax rents not work" but the public don't understand the economic meaning of rent. So ALTER finds itself using the slogan "Tax wealth not work" on one of our banners even though Land Value Taxation is not a wealth tax. Buildings and other wealth go untaxed under a tax system based on rents. There is no need to tax wealth if you are taxing economic rent or unearned increment as Churchill called it. By taxing rent you tax the unearned accumulation of wealth, as much of the wealth of the very wealthy comes from rents not enterprise. For every entrepreneur like Dyson there are probably 100 or more that got much of their wealth from rent. We also use "Tax land not work", but that makes it look like its the only form of Rent we are proposing to tax or that the burden of the tax falls on green fields, when we propose little or no revenue would come from this source. So unless someone can come up with

29 Sep 2012

What is Land Value Tax?

Land Value Tax would be payable each year depending on the location and size of a plot. We advocate that it should replace some existing taxes. It should not add to the overall tax burden, its purpose is to shift tax away from income taxes . Land means the site alone. A vacant plot in a row of houses would be taxed the same as a similar built-on plot. It taxes the size and location of he plot. It does not tax buildings or other works.

15 Oct 2012