Tax England’s green and pleasant land - Samuel Brittan in the FT

24 Feb 2012

Tax England's green and pleasant land By Samuel Brittan

Samuel Brittan argues for a Land Tax, saying "Properly thought through, a land tax should appeal to both main political parties, let alone Lib Dem backsliders." That hurts, the LibDems need to lead on LVT. What are Vince Cable, Chris Huhne, Danny Alexander, David Laws etc. waiting for, a focus group or the Daily Mail to say its OK?

This is the second article in 2 days on Land Tax/Economic Rent in the FT, see below.

Economics and society: Barrier to a breakthrough By Robin Harding

"Although Tea partyand Occupy Wall Street activists may not all be aware of it, rage against economic rents is what unites them; it is the hidden factor behind much of what they hate. Rents allow some to grow rich at the expense of others. When the economy was booming that might not have mattered much. But as globalisation and technological change make America and other western societies ever more unequal, the fairness of the system becomes more important."

Again the LibDems need to lead on these arguments, otherwise Occupy generation will embrace the failed policies of Marxism, repeating the mistakes of 20th Century in the 21st.