OECD to Northern Europe: Raise Your Property Taxes!

23 Feb 2012

OECD economist Romain Duval said Britain's council tax regime was "highly regressive" and needed reform. Duval said the OECD advocated a replacement with "a property tax based on current market values or a land tax"

Read full article here in the International Business Times. ALTER needs to publicise this and remind our coalition Partners.

I cannot find any referance to these OECD reports on the BBC, which begs the question is the BBC fulfilling its Charter to "inform, educate and entertain". The Guardian managed to pick up on it on 23rd January with "Big banking sector amplifies risk of inequality, OECD warns Britain. Thinktank recommends more generous unemployment benefits and reform of housing and council taxes" Even here it was by the Social affairs editor not the Economics or business editor.